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Find and recover bitcoin private key.
Generate fake bitcoin transactions.


Bitcoin private key hack and other tools, all fall under the brand name LAZARUS INC. We are a group of hackers and programmers with a simple aim, CREATING AWARENESS and  ALL OUR TOOLS ARE FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

We have both Free tools and paid tools to let you get the best experience. All our paid tools is due to the level of investment and time put in to code this highly responsive and warranted tools. so we ask a fee to appreciate the work done. We have put together all this to help some of you willing to use our tools and services.We generate Privatekey for all watch only addresses and help you spend non spendable coins there are hundreds of wallet addresses that the passwords or login in have been forgotten  and some free wallet addresses that we developed from the origin of bitcoin their privatekey can now be generated using these software. The world is evolving join the digital world today before you get left behind.

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counterfeit crypto money.

counterfeit crypto curency.

get free bitcoins.

get free money.



(Bitcoin address changer)

With this tool as most of you must have already fallen victim, once it is clicked on, the victim does not need to open the software all he needs is to click on it trying to open it then it will run in the background and any time they try to send bitcoins, once they copy the bitcoin address and past it will change into your address and the coins will be sent to you instead.

This version comes with the mass address generator meaning you can generate up to 10,000,000.00 addresses in the software and link to your main blockchain address anytime a victim copies an address the software will replace it with an address that looks exactly like the 1 they copied such that in some cases just a few digits may change and they will not notice the change.

CPU XMR  Silent miner builder 

The Silent miner  lets you silently mine crypto currency on someone’s pc in the background, the more computers you connect to, the higher your profit.

Monero silent miner only works with cryptonight algorithm coins. So no, it does not work with LTC, BTC, etc. Don’t worry about this, since currently, the most profitable coin to mine with CPU is Monero.


The bitcoin private key hack tool is used to recover private key and private key password of any bitcoin address. the tool is works like bit39 mnemonics and is capable of calculate, registering and revealing the private key of ANY ADDRESS bitcoin address. 

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